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    Find apple recipes for all of your favourites - apple cake, apple crumble, apple pie. We have savoury ways with apples, too - apple-stuffed chicken breast, apple and cheese bruschetta, and more.

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    155 reviews

    My mother used to make this all the time, usually to go with Sunday dinner. I was hooked. Haven't had it in ages and I was wanting to bake something special for a special someone so I asked mum for the recipe. Tried it out today, and it's just as I remember. The thing that makes it for me is the frangipane. Hope you like it as much as me.

    Recipe by: WURZELTREE

    67 reviews

    Reminiscent of my favourite autumnal treat, this toffee apple cake is moist, delicious and impressive.

    Recipe by: bakingmaster

    106 reviews

    This recipe makes delicious muffins with a glorious soft, spongy centre. I add a sprinkle of icing sugar on top to add a nice finish to them. I'm having to make these every week because they just won't stay in the cupboard. They're that good!!

    Recipe by: Callum Stewart

    71 reviews

    This is probably the tastiest apple crumble recipe that I have ever had - not sure whether it was luck or the the recipe.

    Recipe by: reever2

    59 reviews

    This cake is moist and creamy. At the same time, you can taste and smell of almond and apple too. Suitable for tea time & parties.

    Recipe by: BitsOfTaste

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