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    Find lots of recipes for homemade broccoli soup that use up every bit of green goodness. We have cream of broccoli soup, broccoli cheese soup and loads more.

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    A lovely soup, very lurid in colour though!

    Recipe by: flyingchef

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    This broccoli and cauliflower soup is absolutely delicious. My boyfriend's favourite... this is a modification of his recipe. You can substitute the head of cauliflower for another head of broccoli if you want an all-broccoli soup.

    Recipe by: chorazy

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    A mild and smooth cheese and broccoli soup. Broccoli is cooked with chicken stock, water, single cream and Cheddar cheese. Serve with fresh, crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Marjory

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    A wholesome vegetable soup. Onion, carrot, broccoli, celery, chicken stock and milk are simmered together and then pureed. Serve with thick wodges of garlic bread.

    Recipe by: janiebear925

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    A favourite family dish is transformed into a tasty, speckled soup, perfect for a light lunch or supper.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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    Light and creamy broccoli soup with Danish blue cheese. About 155 calories per serving. The blue cheese can be substituted for other cheeses such as blue Stilton or Gorgonzola.

    Recipe by: Fionasarah-

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    This soup is tasty and filling. Broccoli contains lots of vitamin C and almonds are rich in vitamin E.

    Recipe by: Claireabella

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    A quick, creamy, hearty soup.

    Recipe by: Marge

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    A simple, yet delectable broccoli soup. This soup takes just 30 minutes to make. Serve with fresh bread for a substantial lunch or dinner. You can add a little chilli to the soup, if you like your food spicy.

    Recipe by: MELISSAMORGAN

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    This soup is so delicious, even the kids will love it. Broccoli is simmered with potatoes in a cheesy cream soup base. It's the perfect winter warmer. Serve with fresh bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: Ruth A. Burbage

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