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    For coffee lovers, we have some irresistible cakes to try. We have recipes for delicious, moist coffee cakes with coffee and walnut icing, instant coffee cake with coffee sauce, coffee and chocolate cupcakes and many more!

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    If you love your coffee in the morning, you'll be sure to love these coffee flavoured muffins. Use instant espresso granules for a more robust coffee flavour. You can use melted butter instead of the oil, if desired. You can also add 175g chocolate chips at the very end if you want a sweeter, more indulgent 'mocha muffin'.

    Recipe by: bakingmaster

    16 reviews

    Coffee flavoured coffee cake. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't ask me for the recipe when they taste this.

    Recipe by: MEGHA

    9 reviews

    Delicious, moist coffee cupcakes! Perfect as a light snack and perfect with a cup of coffee! Use your favourite frosting and decorate to your liking.

    Recipe by: Trishia2001

    6 reviews

    One of my best home-grown recipes. Very crumbly and still moist as well as being just full of walnuts it'll leave you wanting more.

    Recipe by: moreishmunchies

    4 reviews

    A coffee flavoured sponge cake to make your own twist on the classic Victoria sponge. This makes two layers of sponge, which you can fill with coffee-flavoured cream, or ice with chocolate buttercream.

    Recipe by: OurManInBananas

    94 reviews

    A one-bowl chocolate cake with gorgeous coffee flavour. You can substitute soured milk for buttermilk - mix 225ml milk with 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice and let stand for 10 minutes.

    Recipe by: Carol

    3 reviews

    A wonderfully moist version of a coffee cake, with all the taste of a latte laced with caramel syrup .

    Recipe by: thepantrydoor

    4 reviews

    This lovely coffee and chocolate chip loaf cake is combining two of my favourite cakes into this brilliant super loaf cake, delicious!

    Recipe by: JamieS

    78 reviews

    This is a deliciously moist coffee cake. It has a crunchy nut streusel topping but the secret is a layer of apples and even more streusel in the middle!

    Recipe by: Kris

    3 reviews

    This coffee and walnut cake is the same as Marks & Spencer®!! Make it at home from scratch with this recipe!

    Recipe by: MiniMe97

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