Potato cakes (44)

    From simple crispy potato cakes to spicy black bean and sweet potato cakes - find plenty of potato cake recipes that make the most of mash!

    Top potato cake recipes

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    These quick and easy potato and onion cakes will have everyone coming back for seconds. Use shallots, onion, spring onions or chives.

    Recipe by: DaMonkey

    247 reviews

    Black beans and sweet potatoes are spiced with chillies, cumin and garlic, then grilled in the oven for a great vegetarian main or starter. They taste fresh and delicious with a lime and soured cream dressing.

    Recipe by: CHRISTINA5362

    15 reviews

    These potato cakes are not sweet cakes, they are however an excellent way to use up leftover mashed potatoes! Serve hot with a little butter with fried eggs, baked beans, or even with a nice steak!

    Recipe by: TRISH1IE

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    These potato cakes have few ingredients but are just what you want when you think of a simple and tasty potato cake. A great side dish to a variety of meals.

    Recipe by: gela

    69 reviews

    These ham and potato cakes with spring onion and Dijon mustard are made with panko breadcrumbs to give a better crunch. A delicious way to use up leftover Christmas ham and mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: Avon-status quo PRO

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