For a light, refreshing ending to a summer meal, nothing quite compares to sorbet. We have dozens of delicious and easy recipes - try our recipes for lemon sorbet, chocolate sorbet and more.

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    A fantastically refreshing dessert, which is perfect for the summer. It's zesty, tart and sweet at the same time. You will need a ice cream maker for this recipe.

    Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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    A deliciously refreshing sorbet, made from pink grapefruit and its zest. It's excellent for dessert or as a palate cleanser in between courses. If you're not fussed about the colour of the sorbet, feel free to omit the food colouring.

    Recipe by: FOODCHICK23

    95 reviews

    This a great, simple summer sorbet. Hope you enjoy this as much as my family!

    Recipe by: MarylandGirl

    15 reviews

    No ice cream machine required! Partially sweetened with honey to give it a delicious sun-ripened quality. Very tart and very flavourful. This recipe is versatile, as the finished product can be an icy granita or smooth sorbet.

    Recipe by: Toasted Garlic

    7 reviews

    This is a really luxurious chocolate sorbet recipe for chocolate lovers. Just for ingredients combine to make a refreshing low fat treat. Serve garnished with mint leaves or strawberries.

    Recipe by: Warning Monkey Bites

    36 reviews

    This sorbet recipe is a perfect ending for an exotic meal. Divinely refreshing, and sweet without being heavy. This will become a summertime staple in your home, I am sure of it!

    Recipe by: JOYOSITY

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    This sunny sorbet features the sweet tropical flavours of passion fruit and strawberry, perfect on a nice summery day. This recipe is simple to make, it takes about 12 hours till it's ready to eat.

    Recipe by: 2RR2

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    If you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain... you'll enjoy this sorbet! It's sweet, refreshing, yet creamy at the same time. A delicious dessert to serve during the summer.

    Recipe by: CALLALILLIE

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    This sorbet is highly refreshing and jam packed with vitamin C. Serve as a dessert or a palate cleanser in between courses. You can also try and freeze the sorbet in ice lolly moulds, for individual treats.

    Recipe by: Bearskat

    2 reviews

    Simple and wonderfully tasty sorbet with that little extra touch of interest.

    Recipe by: solodini

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