Flapjacks (95)

    Find easy and delicious recipes for flapjacks that outshine shop-bought flapjacks every time. We have basic flapjacks, banana oat flapjacks, wholegrain flapjacks and more.

    Top flapjack recipes

    36 reviews

    This is an interesting twist on the classic that my daughter made at school. It has now become a firm favourite in our house.

    Recipe by: dcull

    16 reviews

    These flapjacks are packed with oats, hazelnuts, coconut and sesame seeds. Use chopped almonds or macadamia nuts as a variation.

    Recipe by: Martha

    20 reviews

    If you like flapjack, and you like almonds/bakewell, then you'll love this! Especially with your favourite jam. Eat as a snack or try it with custard. I used to have this type of thing at school served with custard. Couldn't find a recipe, so made up one. Yum! you'll be surprised. Please leave a comment or rate if you can. Thanks! Happy baking.

    Recipe by: LaurenJC

    16 reviews

    Moist flapjack - kids love them after school! You don't have to peel the apples before grating them.

    Recipe by: grannyhub

    75 reviews

    These are undoubtedly the best flapjacks ever. They are moist and gooey and so moreish.

    Recipe by: bekchef

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