Find easy and delicious recipes for flapjacks that outshine shop-bought flapjacks every time. We have basic flapjacks, banana oat flapjacks, wholegrain flapjacks and more.

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    Very easy to make, and very delicious. Good for lunchboxes too.

    Recipe by: MISSRUSSELL18

    40 reviews

    It's all in the name - these biscuits are chewy crunchy and sooooo moreish. I hope you enjoy them! :-)

    Recipe by: jaydenanthony

    31 reviews

    This is a simple but tasty flapjack for any aged chef from a master to beginners cooking with their kids. It is very easy and simple to do for anyone of any skill.

    Recipe by: kuppet

    35 reviews

    Deliciously sticky, yet eminently sensible, flapjacks are perfect snack food. They're portable, they keep well, and the oats are a good source of fibre, which slows the release of sugar into the body.

    Recipe by: Olivia Burtenshaw

    24 reviews

    These are lovely treats for the whole family. I like to eat them at their best, which is when they have just come out of the oven! I made this recipe using a cookbook but added more ingredients and altered it a bit.

    Recipe by: 9paiiige6

    21 reviews

    One of my favourite comfort foods, these no-bake flapjacks are great to snack on at work or home. Quick and easy to make, add sultanas or chocolate chips at own preference!

    Recipe by: Rogue Hawkins

    22 reviews

    Naturally sweet and moist, these make a great addition to a packed lunch. They are also a good way of getting the family to try some more unusual grains and seeds, and add new healthy ingredients to the diet.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

    131 reviews

    These flapjacks are lower in fat than most.

    Recipe by: Arlene

    15 reviews

    I like to know what goes into the snacks I give my children, so wherever possible I make my own. These yummy flapjacks are always a hit and you can add pretty much whatever you like to them. A great after school snack!

    Recipe by: emjay

    552 reviews

    These flapjacks have fibre from the oats and protein from the peanut butter - but your kids will just call them delicious! A great snack for kids when you want to give them something sweet that's still nutritious.

    Recipe by: TINAMARIES

    2 / 10

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