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    Find stacks of Easter cake recipes - including carrot cake, lemon cake, Simnel cake, coconut cake and more.

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    This recipe was passed down to me from my mum. It produces a rich, chocolaty cheesecake perfect for all cheesecake and chocolate lovers alike! Taste a little to ensure that the right amount of chocolate-ness has been reached. If you like cheesecakes a little more chocolaty then you may need to add a little more cocoa powder/water mix to taste.

    Recipe by: SUGAR.PLUM.FAIRY

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    This is a very moist and light muffin. It's not too sweet and not greasy like other carrot cakes can be. The white chocolate cream cheese icing adds just enough sweetness to round it off.

    Recipe by: BAKERAMA

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    These cute Easter cupcakes are decorated with chocolate buttercream and chocolate strands to make a nest, with each nest holding three chocolate eggs in the centre. Kids will love to help make these Easter cupcakes!

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    I have tried making simnel cake a few times and it has come out heavy in the past. This recipe uses more eggs and rather than having the marzipan as a layer through the middle, the cake has chunks of marzipan dotted through the cake itself. Having made it for Mothering Sunday, it will not last through to Easter as it has proved very popular.

    Recipe by: steenbergs

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    A friend has a wee bit of a thing for Toblerone® and it's been a bit of an on running joke since!! A really tasty cake, ideally made the day before. Once it's prepared - it goes in the fridge and requires no more thinking till your ready to eat it.

    Recipe by: julmagic

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