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    Ceviche is a no-cook marinated seafood salad, which is perfect as an easy make-ahead starter for dinner parties. The acid in the recipe actually cooks the fish or seafood, so it isn't actually raw even though it's no-cook! Peruvian ceviche is said to be the best, but we have loads of different ceviche recipes to try.

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    A classic Latin American dish - the seafood is cooked by the acidity of the lime juice. This is so easy to make, but will impress even the most discerning of guests! Fresh ingredients are a must in this recipe.

    Recipe by: Star Pooley

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    Ceviche is popular throughout Latin America and this prawn and scallop version is the perfect make-ahead starter. While Peru is most famous for its ceviche, there are variations of the recipe throughout Latin America, and this is one of them!

    Recipe by: JAVI19

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    Ceviche is Peru's national dish, and although found in other countries, the Peruvian version is widely considered to be 'The Daddy'. Simple to prepare and quick to 'cook' (it isn't raw after all, the lime juice cooks the fish). The rocoto chilli is what lifts this dish to being authentically Peruvian instead of just a western take on a real classic.

    Recipe by: VivaPeruUK

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    An elegant, fresh and delicious seafood appetiser that will melt in your mouth. Cubed salmon is cured in lemon and orange juice, then served in small glasses with leeks and a tangy vinaigrette.

    Recipe by: say01

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    A superb prawn dish. Raw prawns are "cooked" in lime juice, then served with tomatoes, onion, chilli, avocados, celery and coriander. Serve as a dip with tortilla chips or use it as a topping for crusty bread.

    Recipe by: carrielee

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    White fish is cured in lime juice to create this delicious appetiser. White fish fillets and prawns are marinated in lime juice, coriander, spring onions, red onions, avocados, celery, salsa and seasonings.

    Recipe by: Stalin

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    Thin slices of raw, ultra-fresh salmon are marinated in a mixture of lime juice, olive oil, chilli and cumin before being served with slices of avocado. Serve as an appetiser.

    Recipe by: Sarah Zeigler

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    This Peruvian ceviche is the best you will ever taste. It is an easy way to make a no-cook starter for a special dinner party or summer barbecue. Everyone is guaranteed to love it and you will too!

    Recipe by: Ana O.

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    Ceviche is an impressive and easy starter, perfect for seafood lovers. Use your favourite combination of seafood here - octopus, squid, prawns and scallops all work well. Serve with tortilla chips on the side for easy eating.

    Recipe by: Kasey

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    Ceviche is citrus-marinated seafood, and is popular throughout Latin America. It makes a deliciously different starter. Many different types of seafood can be used. Here, halibut combines with mango and fresh herbs for an unbeatable combination.

    Recipe by: Vella

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