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Hand-cut, homemade chips are truly something special. Make your own traditional chips with these recipes, or try baked chips if you're looking for something healthier. We also have recipes for sweet potato baked chips - a healthy alternative that kids will love.

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This recipe really spices up a bag of frozen chips! Not healthy but at least you bake and not fry them. Feel free to change the amount of cayenne and chilli powder depending on your taste.

Recipe by: EMTCARO2

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These are a delicious, healthy alternative to regular chips. Sweet potatoes have more fibre than regular potatoes, too.


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From now on you can enjoy this delicious treat without worrying about the high fat content – the secret to golden chips is to coat them with egg white, not fat.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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If you are going to bother with sweet potato fries, please get the dip right, because ketchup and mayo do not go with these tasty morsels.

Recipe by: wdhish

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A very simple recipe that can have you eating delicious chips within 30 minutes! This recipe serves four but you choose the amount of potatoes for your family, you will have the best idea, enjoy!

Recipe by: Mojo147

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