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    Find tzatziki recipes to make your very own cool and creamy Greek dip at home. Tzatziki is easy to make and works as an accompaniment or a party nibble with toasted pitta bread. Try any of these tzatziki recipes to see how easy it is!

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    This Greek yoghurt sauce made with cucumbers and fresh mint is a classic. Serve with kebabs, chips, crusty bread or warm pitta. You need to make this in advance but it still tastes really fresh.

    Recipe by: 0316BJD

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    Barbecued chicken souvlaki is another word for seasoned Greek kebabs and they make a lovely summery starter when dipped into homemade tzatziki sauce.

    Recipe by: Tanya Petkos

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    Enjoy this version of cool, creamy tzatziki made with low-fat yoghurt.

    Recipe by: LeeleeCooks

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    This is a lovely cool, refreshing Greek tzatziki dip that I first tasted and fell in love with in the Greek Islands. It is lovely with hot toasted pitta bread and veggies or lamb kebabs! The key is strain the liquid from the cucumber very well so the dip stays creamy and not watery and to ALWAYS use thick, full fat Greek yoghurt. Low fat versions won't cut it. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: kookinkitten

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    A colourful version of this classic Greek dip. Enjoy just as you would regular tzatziki!

    Recipe by: ambolicious

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