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    This pesto recipe is made with vegetable stock instead of olive oil, saving on fat and calories.

    Recipe by: Laura Jull

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    Pesto, goat's cheese and sun-dried tomatoes come together in this quiche that I created myself. This is a perfect combination of flavours that will make you appear like a chef when you serve this plate to your friends.

    Recipe by: Il Max

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    This is a delicious version of the classic pesto made with fresh coriander instead of basil. You can substitute the vinegar with lime or lemon juice. Serve with farfalle, or any other pasta shape.

    Recipe by: Gena Urias

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    After they soak in the sun all summer long, I cut down my basil plants and make this gorgeous pesto. This basil pesto is mellowed with fresh spinach and enhanced with black olives. I make big batches and freeze in small containers for the whole year. It will keep in the refrigerator for a week. Toss with pasta, spread on meat or sandwiches, or add a spoonful to flavour your favourite recipes. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: WMAURO

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    A basic recipe for basil and sun-dried tomato pesto. Came across this recipe some time ago I think it's the best pesto around. You can add more sun-dried tomatoes if you want it more tomato-y, or fewer if you want a greener pesto.

    Recipe by: david999

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    Even though there's loads of roasting and puréeing to do, it's worth the effort. A delicious and healthy vegan dish.

    Recipe by: jen

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    This homemade pesto is delicious for pasta dishes, pizza and even in quiche. Use the freshest basil for the best results.

    Recipe by: Emily

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    A simple and quick puff pastry and pesto recipe with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. These are perfect for just piling on a platter and sharing with friends!

    Recipe by: kyky

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    A quick and simple recipe for pesto with basil, hazelnuts, Parmesan cheese and a lot of garlic. Tastes great with pasta or on a sandwich.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    Homegrown herbs are the star of this pesto, I use the predominant flavour of rocket with a background hint of basil, parsley and chives. This pesto also contains no cheese so it is good for lactose intolerant people and makes it lower in fat. I add cashew nuts and loads of garlic to give it a lovely pungent flavour. The cashew nuts are also more cost effective than pine nuts.

    Recipe by: fluffybunny81

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