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    Find tuna pasta recipes for tuna pasta salads, bakes and more. Tuna and pasta combine for loads of family friendly recipes that get supper ready in a flash.

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    This is a big hit with the kids as its easy to make and involves very little work. It can be made with or without mushrooms depending on your taste. My mum made it up when i was a kid and I cook it for mine now.

    Recipe by: ang-harding

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    A nice, cheap, store-cupboard dinner. I tend to serve this with a salad and maybe some garlic bread. Thanks to ruthymunchkin for the photo.

    Recipe by: spacehippo

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    This is a very simple and quick recipe to make when you have a few ingredients in the cupboard and a hungry family to feed. If you don't have macaroni to hand, simply use another small pasta shape.

    Recipe by: Elke Hinze

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    A quick and easy recipe I made for my seven young children out of whatever I could find in my cupboard one evening! I'd say normally it'd serve 4 adults or up to 6 children.

    Recipe by: Sarah-Jean

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    Topped with crushed crisps, this tuna pasta bake has an irresistibly crunchy topping. Pasta, peas, tuna, mushrooms and cream of mushroom soup combine for an easy meal that is sure to please the entire family.

    Recipe by: JAICARD

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    An incredibly easy pasta dish that everyone will love. Pasta, tuna, celery, courgette and cheese are baked together to perfection. Enjoy with a side salad or crusty bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: Ann L

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    Super easy to make, with ingredients everyone has hanging around in the pantry! Serve with about 300g of pasta, preferably penne, fusilli or macaroni, cooked according to packet instructions.

    Recipe by: Baje

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    A hearty and delicious pasta dish that everyone will love. Pasta is baked with tuna and vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce. Enjoy with a side salad and crusty bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: Wendi

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    Tinned tuna, capers, tomato and lemon make for a light and fresh midweek supper.

    Recipe by: Amanda

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    A quick meal for garlic lovers (warning- may cause bad breath). Do not throw away the oil from the tuna- it tastes great as a sauce.

    Recipe by: cateringcrazie

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