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    We have loads of ice cream toppings, from fruit coulis to hot chocolate sauce. For the ultimate summer pud, create an ice cream bar with your favourite flavour, any of these toppings, along with some chopped nuts, chocolate or fresh fruit.

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    This simple strawberry topping is delicious on pancakes, ice cream or in trifles. Perfect for when strawberries are in season.

    Recipe by: HEISLORD5

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    For all your chocolate whims! Of course it is perfect for ice cream, but consider using it as a sauce over cheesecake or profiteroles ...yum.

    Recipe by: Cathy

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    Always a hit with ice cream, cakes, pancakes, waffles....... You catch my drift. Great to use as a drizzle on cakes and excellent with steamed puddings!!!

    Recipe by: julmagic

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    Sugar, golden syrup, salt, vanilla extract, double cream and butter, are simmered together to create this delicious caramel sauce. Use as a dip or a pouring sauce over ice cream or cakes.

    Recipe by: SPLACE

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    I make this easy raspberry coulis recipe with fruit only when in season. If your fruit isn't that ripe or flavourful, you can add the vanilla sugar at the end. Serve this coulis over ice cream, or drizzled over cheesecake. It's also fantastic mixed into drinks.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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    This is a really easy sauce to serve over ice cream, cheesecake or perhaps even pancakes. Serve it warm over vanilla ice cream or chill it, and serve over plain cheesecake.

    Recipe by: Wilemon

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    This is a favourite of ours. Yummy over vanilla ice cream (or any ice cream) - extra nice with sliced bananas on top!

    Recipe by: xenamax

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    Coulis are basically very simple fruit purées. Serve with cheesecake, dense chocolate cake, ice cream or other desserts.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Make your own homemade butterscotch sauce to serve over vanilla ice cream for a classic dessert.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    You'll find a good choice of classy ice creams in larger supermarkets, which can be the basis of some wonderful desserts. Transform your ice cream into something extra-special with this easy sauce.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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