American pancakes

    Fluffy American style pancakes make for the perfect weekend breakfast treat. We have loads of foolproof American pancake mix recipes, including buttermilk pancakes, blueberry pancakes and lots more.

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    The fluffiest American pancakes around! Whip these pancakes up in no time for an impromptu pud or an indulgent breakfast treat!

    Recipe by: Jackie

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    This is a great recipe that I found in my Gran's recipe book. Judging from the weathered look of this recipe card, this was a family favourite.

    Recipe by: dakota kelly

    846 reviews

    These pancakes are passed down from my grandmother, who was Scandinavian. They are light and fluffy, and great with berry syrups. I have made these for years as a special treat, and I hope you enjoy them as much as my family has.

    Recipe by: cinnken

    15 reviews

    Spelt flour is perfect for pancakes. These fluffy American-style pancakes use 100% spelt flour for a wholegrain pancake that makes great breakfast or brunch fare.

    Recipe by: Lucy

    322 reviews

    Fluffy pancakes that melt in your mouth. Separating the eggs and folding the whipped whites into the batter makes these special.

    Recipe by: W King

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    These chocolate chip pancakes are a breakfast treat that my kids absolutely adore. They're easy pancakes to make for a weekend morning treat, or try them for Pancake Day.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

    6 reviews

    This has been the pancake recipe for my family since I was able to eat them. I don't know where my mother got this recipe but it's the best I've ever had. They rise up nice and high. I sometimes add vanilla and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Very tasty!!

    Recipe by: zudelmak

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    In these traditional fluffy American pancakes I've swapped out the plain flour for self-raising flour for even thicker fluffy goodness.

    Recipe by: xocs

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    Soft and thick, spongy and light pancakes delicious with bacon and maple syrup. Great for a family breakfast.

    Recipe by: Truckersni

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    The combination of buttermilk and baking soda makes these pancakes as light as a feather! It makes quite a few so perfect for a weekend breakfast. Add a few blueberries for the kids or serve with bacon and eggs.

    Recipe by: BURYGOLD

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