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Falafel is a well-loved Middle Eastern dish, a treat for vegetarians and carnivores alike! We have falafel pittas - perfect for lunch or dinner - as well as baked falafel for a healthy addition to your next meze spread.

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Rethink falafel - while the traditional wrap is great, this is a tasty vegetarian alternative to beefburgers. Serve in a burger bap or pitta.

Recipe by: Jojo Pinko

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This is a great recipe for falafel. Everyone that I have made it for loves it. Delicious served with cucumber sauce in a pitta with tomatoes.

Recipe by: Sean

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These spicy chickpea cakes are a popular street food all over the Middle East. Served in pitta pockets with a colourful crunchy salad, they are deliciously healthy as well as fun to eat.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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An easy, yummy way to make falafel - first pan fried, then finished in the oven. Serve with pitta bread and your favourite tzatziki.

Recipe by: Bette

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Made with yellow split peas, onion, fresh mint and spices, these falafel are great served in pitta with salad, yoghurt and mint sauce - a delicious vegetarian lunch or supper.

Recipe by: Catherine

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This is a great Middle Eastern dish, simple to make and a real hit every time I make it (and amazingly cheap too!), is also good cold the next day for a lunch box.

Recipe by: blueskyboy

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This is a tasty vegan falafel that contains no eggs. Serve on pitta with tzatziki or tahini sauce with lettuce and tomato.

Recipe by: Jean Marie

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These falafels are a quick fix cheap dinner served with flatbreads and salad and couscous. A big hit with hungry teens.

Recipe by: janeymumof3

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In this recipe for the Egyptian street food 'ta'ameya', fava beans (also known as broad beans) and herbs are blended together, then rolled in toasted sesame seeds and fried into crisp falafel. Serve in warm pitta breads.

Recipe by: Gamila Salem

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Although falafel can be made with just chickpeas, they taste really authentic with beans. They have to be soaked for 48 hours, however, so this recipe is not for those in a hurry. For this effort, the falafel taste absolutely fantastic and this recipe makes a whole load of them.

Recipe by: Afiyet_olson

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