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    Tablet is a true Scottish delight, and easier to make than one would expect! Tablet makes a perfect food gift, or a delicious offering on Burns Night. Find loads of foolproof tablet recipes from home cooks like you.

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    A crumbly sweet traditional Scottish treat with an easy method. Whisking ensures a gloriously smooth tablet!

    Recipe by: tootsweet

    26 reviews

    A very easy and quick recipe for making a great Scottish confectionery in the microwave. Tablet doesn't get any easier than this!

    Recipe by: bonnie0206

    19 reviews

    This recipe is originally my mother's, however I've taken my own twist with it, increasing the sugar and adding vanilla - removing the butter to create a perfect tablet every time that's easy for anyone to create. Family and friends and strangers from around the world have tried it themselves and sent me feedback stating that it's turned out perfect and tastes delicious. It melts in your mouth and is bursting with sweetness; the slight hint of vanilla is an added bonus that leaves for a great aftertaste.

    Recipe by: doodled186

    35 reviews

    This is a great sweet we have here in Scotland. It is a complete sugar rush. It may be too sweet for some people but I love it. Try it anyway and see what you think. Kids will love it!

    Recipe by: celticfc1888

    21 reviews

    This Scottish favourite is sure to please! This tastes just like the one you had as a child! Butter tablet is creamier crumbly fudge that is absolutely delicious! It may sound as though there is a lot of ingredients and you may think it might be tricky but it’s so easy and so tasty! I hope that you enjoy my recipe as much as I do! It melts in your mouth and is crumbly but not too hard at the same time, TRY IT! It’s lovely!

    Recipe by: Bethany McCarthy

    9 reviews

    This is pure heaven - well I think so anyway! It's sweet, melts in your mouth but is not chewy. This version is flavoured with chocolate and it makes a great gift. I always make some for my daughter's teachers at Christmas.

    Recipe by: Susan

    5 reviews

    Scottish sweet, served after meals and also made to sell at charity fayres in schools and the community.

    Recipe by: GillHelena

    4 reviews

    This is a recipe handed down through the family. I have outgrown my love of all things sweet but my kids, friends, neighbours and family all love it! The secret to this recipe is constant stirring and lots of elbow grease at the beating point.

    Recipe by: LeighWilton

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    Sucre à la crème are traditional sweets from Quebec. They also make a nice and easy food gift for Christmas.

    Recipe by: rosette

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