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    Browse our beef stroganoff recipes for a simply delicious supper. We have slow cooker beef stroganoff recipes, easy beef stroganoff for midweek, and the always-classic beef stroganoff, too.

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    This is an extremely flavourful, tender, sumptuous slow cooker recipe. Perfect for guests or as a warm comfort food! Also great to prepare in advance and freeze!

    Recipe by: heidigrl43434

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    This is pretty much the first thing I decided to make when I got my spice rack a few years ago. I'd tried a few packet mixes from supermarkets and thought they were all lacking something so decided to have a go at making one myself. My girlfriend absolutely loves this. Hope you enjoy it too.

    Recipe by: Kelvinski

    3 reviews

    Very tasty beef stroganoff but with way fewer calories! Lovely served with rice and garlic ciabatta.

    Recipe by: EWW

    2 reviews

    Quick and easy to cook, this version has half the fat of the much-loved traditional recipe. Try serving with mixed wild and plain rice.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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    I get asked for this all the time :)

    Recipe by: tippyairie

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    A classic dish with the fortifying addition of fresh calf's liver. Serve this stroganoff over noodles or rice.

    Recipe by: MarlowMethodistChurch

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    This creamy beef stroganoff is quick and easy to prepare - just add the cubes of briwned steak, onions, soup and cooked pasta into your slow cooker, set it for 2 hours and sit back and relax!

    Recipe by: Brittany

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    This beef Stroganoff is especially flavourful and creamy thanks to the addition of cream of mushroom soup. Using the soup helps cut down on some fat and calories, as opposed to using full fat cream. Increase the amount of paprika to taste, if desired.

    Recipe by: sal

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    This is a quick beef stroganoff using simple ingredients but full of flavour. Ideal for a mid week hearty filling meal.

    Recipe by: lurcherlad

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    Stroganoff is a wonderful last-minute dish for guests; it is rich and creamy, but is simply and quickly prepared. Traditionally it is served with a rice pilaf, but is equally good over egg noodles.

    Recipe by: Sue Kerr

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