Leek and potato soup recipes

    Find easy peasy leek and potato soup recipes for the ultimate winter warmer. We have easy recipes for classic leek and potato soup, as well as delicious variations with bacon, chicken and more.

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    This is the world's easiest leek and potato soup recipe. Can be served as a chunky soup or creamed so very versatile. Thanks to my good old Mum for this recipe which I have now adopted as my family's favourite.

    Recipe by: Imoginv

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    This creamy pureed soup is simple to make and tastes fabulous. Potatoes are slowly cooked with leeks in a creamy soup base. Serve with thick wodges of bread, if desired. It's the perfect soup to enjoy on the cold winter nights.

    Recipe by: 1BusyMomof3

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    I have made this many times in the past few years and its great on a cold wintery evening and has a feel good factor!

    Recipe by: nefertit1

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    This soup is highly indulgent. It's creamy and packed full of flavour. Potatoes and leeks are simmered in a creamy chicken stock. Serve with fresh bread rolls for a substantial lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: Julie

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    What's better at lunch than a fresh soup? This vegetable soup takes little effort, cooks in around an hour and can be reheated. It's the perfect soup to take into work as it keeps in the fridge for 2 - 3 days.

    Recipe by: adamhoban

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    This soup is so easy to make and it tastes delicious.

    Recipe by: emilyround

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    If you love leeks, this leek and potato soup is a must. No frills, just a gorgeously simple soup to warm you from the inside out.

    Recipe by: strike_n_miss

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    My first recipe to make in a soup maker, so quick and easy. Deliciously creamy and satisfying. One of my best purchases was my soup maker, just add ingredients then wait for the ping! Hot delicious fresh homemade soup without any real effort.

    Recipe by: JanePettifer

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    Very quick to prepare and cooked in a slow cooker so you can prepare it in the morning and it will be ready for you when you return from work. Simple and my family love it. Serve with hot fresh bread rolls to make a great starter or quick meal.

    Recipe by: pamjl

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    A lovely leek and potato soup that is warm and filling for those cold winter days. Ready in well under an hour!

    Recipe by: Marcella

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