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Find classic rarebit recipes here from home cooks like you. We also have twists on the classic for something different. Rarebit makes the perfect light supper, snack or even dinner party starter.

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A real Welsh version of rarebit that is made with sharp Cheddar cheese and fresh thyme. Simple, and delicious! Garnishes are almost endless, from poached eggs, to sliced tomatoes, to pickled onions and piccalilli, to bacon. Really, put anything you think would taste good with toast and cheese on there, and tuck in.

Recipe by: Chris Schryer

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A classic combination of nutty and sweet flavours transforms this dish into a delicious snack for almost any time of day.

Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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This is how I make my cheese on toast!

Recipe by: TOMMI1001

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My mother tried to get me to eat more eggs as a child for protein, however due to my intolerance to the taste and texture of cooked eggs she was unable to get me to eat them. It was when I was in my early teens I discovered I was capable of eating cooked egg yolk providing not even a trace of egg white was added, so she came up with this version of Welsh rarebit and it's been a family tradition since.

Recipe by: geekgirl101

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A delicious Welsh cheese on toast.

Recipe by: christina1786

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This is a delicious treat that's similar to cheese on toast, but better! Toasted bread is topped with a cheesy sauce flavoured with Vegemite and mustard, then grilled to perfection.

Recipe by: Katch22

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Cheese dishes can be the fastest around and it's amazing what you can make using ingredients you already have to hand. This classic dish makes a perfect quick weeknight snack.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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There are many versions of Welsh rarebit (or rabbit). The one here is richly flavoured with mature Cheddar cheese and thickened with breadcrumbs to add texture, and is spooned over thinly sliced red onions before being grilled until golden and bubbling. A spinach, apple and celery salad is the perfect partner.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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A different version of your traditional Welsh rarebit! Very tasty and VERY filling! Give it a try, you'll like it!

Recipe by: GIGGLES2080

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