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Find recipes for a gorgeous, melt-in-the-mouth leg of lamb. We have recipes for roast leg of lamb, slow cooker leg of lamb and more.

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8 reviews

I like to cook potatoes in the tin around the roast and make a gravy using the juices. The only other thing you need is some fresh veg for a fantastic Sunday lunch with the minimum of fuss.

Recipe by: MBENHAM

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Prunes and currants tossed with salted, roasted almonds, creme de cassis and mint is the stuffing for my rolled lamb roast. It's a very easy way to dress up a lamb roast for Christmas or Easter. The simple herb rub adds just the right amount of seasoning along with fresh garlic inserted into the top of the roast. My balsamic basil fig sauce creation drizzled over the sliced lamb is the perfect finishing touch and extremely flavourful thanks to the fresh basil.

Recipe by: Barbara Estabrook

16 reviews

And I mean slow - 7 hours. This meat is so tender you don't need a knife to cut it.

Recipe by: cornishbird

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This is a good lamb recipe for Sundays or Easter. I start cooking the lamb early in the morning and it's ready by 3pm - just in time for a late lunch or early dinner!

Recipe by: Yann44

2 reviews

Tasty and juicy, perfect for Sunday lunch or an Easter feast.

Recipe by: Johnna

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Roast leg of lamb
Roast leg of lamb

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