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    We've stacks of fluffy doughnut recipes from all over the world - from jam doughnuts to beignets. Serve with ice cream and fruit for an easy impromptu dessert.

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    I discovered this recipe 15 years ago and has been enjoyed by my family ever since!

    Recipe by: CONFUDDLED

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    You can use any flavour of jam to make this recipe. . . raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant or even lemon curd. These are so easy to make when you use a bread machine. If you don't have a bread machine - see footnotes for directions. Serve them plain, sugar coated or iced.

    Recipe by: Charlie McHugh

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    Got a doughnut maker but can't find a good recipe? Well this may be it. This mixture cooks your doughnuts just like they've been fried instead of baked, crispy on the outside yet fluffy and airy inside.

    Recipe by: SweetToothCooks

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    These heavenly doughnuts are dangerously moreish, in part due to being bite-size! A lovely batter is made with creme fraiche, which adds extra flavour and moisture. The balls are quickly fried till golden and then covered in icing sugar. You can use caster sugar for dusting instead of icing sugar... And why not add a touch of cinnamon to some icing sugar for extra deliciousness?

    Recipe by: lirum_larum_löffelstiel

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    Small round balls of yeast batter are deep-fried and coated with sugar. A rustic, delicious treat.

    Recipe by: Susan

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    These muffins taste like doughnuts! They are quick and easy to make and everybody will love them. Enjoy with a big mug of tea or coffee.

    Recipe by: Debbie

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    This is a Mediterranean sweet made from deep-fried dough balls, which are soaked in a honey syrup with cinnamon. Enjoy these immediately.

    Recipe by: JOANNA

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    These German-inspired doughnuts are addictively delicious. You can ice with the simple icing recipe, if desired, or just eat them plain. Dunk these into coffee for a sinful treat!

    Recipe by: Kathy

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    This recipe was given to me by my grandmother. It is a great way to use up day old white bread and the other ingredients are most always on hand. My kids love them!

    Recipe by: anmlnrs

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    Mini cake-like doughnuts that are baked and coated in cinnamon-sugar are a equally delicious version of doughnuts without the frying! They are cooked in muffin tins.

    Recipe by: theauthenticnut

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