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    Love blue cheese? We have great recipes using blue cheese, from blue cheese sauce to Stilton and broccoli soup and blue cheese dressing for salads.

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    If you love blue cheese, this highly flavoured celery soup is for you. Celery is simmered with Stilton and then pureed until smooth. Serve with crumbled Stilton and crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Sarah Lai

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    This is an American salad, but it has some of my favourite ingredients: chicken, egg, tomatoes, blue cheese and avocado.

    Recipe by: Bill

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    Butternut squash is tossed with olive oil, onion, breadcrumbs, thyme and crumbled blue cheese, before being baked to perfection. Perfect as a side dish to any meal.

    Recipe by: Too Hot Tamale

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    This Stilton and bacon tart is very nice, good flavour, good with salads or veg. Can be eaten hot or cold.

    Recipe by: Tizz

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    A slow-cooker recipe for a hearty pumpkin (or butternut squash) and carrot stew with a cheesy cobbler on top. Delicious enough to tempt vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This is one of my favourite recipes and so simple - perfect comfort food :o)

    Recipe by: Hobbit

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    These unique biscuits are easy to make, but will surely impress guests. Serve with wine or an aperitif.

    Recipe by: AnneFrancoise

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    Carrots give a slightly sweet edge to this thick, smooth soup, which contains delicious pockets of melted blue cheese. All you need with it is some crusty bread to make a satisfying and nutritious main course.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This is a delicious and simple vegetarian pasta dish. Use your favourite blue cheese -- I always use Danish blue as I'm a lover of strong flavours. Use spinach fettucine if you like!

    Recipe by: rua

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    A delicious cream sauce for a special occasion. I simply toss it with pasta. Toasted hazelnuts, walnuts or pine nuts are a nice addition sprinkled on top.

    Recipe by: Amy

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    With a chunky texture and a rich, blue-cheese flavour, this winter vegetable soup couldn't be simpler to prepare. Serve with hummous and pepper slices for a substantial meal in a flash.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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