Pork loin recipes (104)

    Tender pork loin is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Try these pork loin recipes for everything from a delicious Sunday roast to a dinner party main.

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    8 reviews

    Beautifully tender pork loin and thyme served with a cider sauce.

    Recipe by: Dawninfrance

    979 reviews

    Garlic and rosemary are blended into a paste to season a boneless pork loin roast. Feel free to use fresh rosemary if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Kathleen Burton

    168 reviews

    This dish is based on a Puerto Rican roast pork recipe, but made in a slow cooker. It's easy to make and the result is delicious. The pork is tender and full of flavour.

    Recipe by: Country Cook

    12 reviews

    This is a recipe I borrowed and tweaked from another website by adding my own twist to it. My boyfriend is obsessed by this and asks me to make it for any occasion! A must for any lover of sticky ribs etc!

    Recipe by: VeeBear

    6 reviews

    This gorgeous roulade is a fantastic way to prepare pork loin and makes a stunning centrepiece. The stuffing of bacon, walnuts and mushrooms adds lots of rustic flavour.

    Recipe by: gee

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