Shortcrust pastry

    Shortcrust pastry is easy to make, and can be made sweet or savoury depending on the recipe. Nothing beats buttery homemade shortcrust pastry, and we've foolproof recipes that will become a staple in your cooking repertoire.

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    This recipe provides the wrapping or covering for many pies and tarts, both sweet and savoury. Follow individual recipe instructions for methods of use and baking. See notes at the bottom of recipe for more ideas. This recipe makes enough to line a shallow 23cm (9 inch) flan tin.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

    9 reviews

    A nice pastry recipe for desserts. It's just a touch more crumbly than normal, but nice and useable.

    Recipe by: jewels_P

    10 reviews

    This super-easy pastry is perfect for savoury pies, flans, quiches or pasties. It's buttery, rich and quick and easy to make. It's also freezer-friendly, simply wrap in cling film and freeze; thaw in the refrigerator overnight before using.

    Recipe by: stella

    7 reviews

    My daughter picked a load of blackberries so we had the perfect excuse to make a blackberry pie - the end of summer doesn't taste any better than this! The berries do release alot of juice but I didn't hear any complaints!

    Recipe by: Ita

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    I visited Brussels recently and tasted the most delicious lemon tart in a coffee shop. After experimenting in the kitchen, I finally succeeded in making the best lemon tart of my life! Use lemon slices, fresh mint and icing sugar to decorate the tart before serving.

    Recipe by: Honigkuchenpferd

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    This is a quick and easy recipe for a sweetened shortcrust pastry. It's perfect to use with tarts and flans. It's freezer-friendly, simply thaw out in the refrigerator when needed.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    This pastry, made in the food processor, could not be simpler. The step-by-step photos make it easier than ever. You can use it for all your savoury tarts, and double the recipe to make a lid as well for your favourite pies.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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    This is by far the most simple way to make shortcrust pastry. Perfect for quiche which I use all the time. This will provide around 170g worth of pastry which will easily fit most quiche dishes.

    Recipe by: beereed

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    A slightly nutty shortcrust pastry that works beautifully for fruit tarts, apple pies and more. This makes enough pastry for a 23cm pie.

    Recipe by: vickie

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    Forget measurements and pastry blenders! Whatever amount of flour you need, you then take HALF that amount for your lard and margarine. Motto: "Half as much fat as flour."

    Recipe by: Zoe

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