Coronation chicken salad

Looking for that classic coronation chicken sandwich filling? We have loads of easy and quick coronation chicken recipes, which are perfect for sandwiches or to serve with a green salad.

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Quick and easy - you'll never go to the sandwich shop again. This recipe has a decidedly citrus twist, but feel free to embellish however you'd like - add sultanas, peppers, pineapple, nuts, spring onion, etc.

Recipe by: Sarah

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This tried and tested curried chicken salad with cashew nuts and raisins will be a hit at your next summer casual dining event, family picnic or lazy lunch. Chicken seems to be in its element when combined with curried mayonnaise, cashews and raisins; be prepared for guest applause. This is a pretty standard coronation chicken dish, similar to that created in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Show your friends and family why this is a dish of royal proportions. And don't forget the thick, soft bread for the next day leftovers - sandwiches are an essential part of this creation!

Recipe by: geneviever

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A nutty and fruity coronation chicken. Prepare a day ahead for best results - it gives the flavours time to meld.

Recipe by: Karen L. Baker

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This is a special treat to fix for your guests.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Specially created for Queen Elizabeth's coronation lunch, this curry-flavoured salad with a fruity rice pilaf has become a traditional summer dish. Often made with cream and mayonnaise in the sauce, this updated version cuts the fat content by reducing the amount of mayonnaise and adding yogurt.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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A nutty, fruity, simple filling for sandwiches or to top jacket potatoes or salad. There are no set amounts for the ingredients - you just use as much of each ingredient to satisfy your own taste.

Recipe by: jokamac

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A very mango coronation chicken - always welcome in sandwiches and wraps.

Recipe by: CZARDAS

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Why not spice up your turkey leftovers on Boxing Day with delicious fruity Sharwood’s Mango Chutney? Great served with green salad and warm naan bread or salad.

Recipe by: sharwoodschefs

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I've been making this simple spicy version for years. It is a favourite with the hungry workers in my family as it makes proper doorstep sandwiches and doesn't squidge out when they bite into them! It also works as a filling for flat pasties if you fill them and cook them while still hot out of the pan, then serve them warm. It will make 4 good sandwiches or 4 flat pasties, or will serve 2 with a green salad or cold pasta.

Recipe by: MarjieB

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Here is a modern, lighter version of the traditional Coronation chicken. The familiar curry flavours and vegetables are still present but they have a Southeast Asian flavour, with spicy Thai curry paste and juicy fresh mango pieces added. This is the perfect salad for a refreshing summer lunch, accompanied by toasted naan or pitta bread.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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