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Find loads of simple and unique guinea fowl recipes here. Guinea fowl is a nice change of pace, with a pleasing flavour reminiscent of chicken and pheasant. Try guinea fowl roasted or braised for fab results.

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Guinea fowl, in season in autumn and winter, tastes like a cross between chicken and turkey, and is very lean. Here it's roasted with a fig and pistachio couscous stuffing and basted with a spicy lemon marinade to keep the meat deliciously moist. A leafy salad with fresh oranges makes a great side dish.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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Guinea fowl cooked with shallots, ‘meaty’ chestnut mushrooms, peas and spinach in Madeira wine makes a great pie filling. In this modern version of a traditional favourite, the filling is baked in a pudding basin topped with a lovely, soft-textured potato pastry crust. Serve with Brussels sprouts and baby carrots.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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My family love roast guinea fowl as a change from roast chicken. This is an easy to prepare recipe that calls for little more than guinea fowl and a bunch of aromatic fresh herbs. You can get creative by mixing and matching herbs as you wish.

Recipe by: andreab

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This roast guinea fowl is a sensational little meal for two, but dead easy to make. Use streaky bacon or pancetta rashers - either work a treat. Check if your poultry seasoning doesn't have salt, as you'll want to then add more salt to taste.

Recipe by: starfish

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Guinea fowl breast is lean and healthy – a rich source of B vitamins – and has an excellent flavour, enhanced here with a very simple, tangy sauce.

Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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A spectacularly warming and rich guinea fowl casserole. Any guinea fowl can be used for this casserole, though braising works especially well for older guinea fowl. This guinea fowl is braised in red wine, similar to coq au vin.

Recipe by: foodfanatic

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This is a simple and easy roast guinea fowl recipe. You can easily halve the recipe to serve two. Roast guinea fowl makes a lovely Sunday lunch alternative.

Recipe by: andreab

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Tender poached guinea fowl is served in a tangy sauce enriched with lemon and yoghurt. Try serving with steamed savoy cabbage, and plain or mixed rice or baked potatoes.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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Roasted guinea fowl is a wonderful alternative to chicken or pheasant. Guinea fowl possesses subtle flavours and is at its best when cooked simply using fresh free-range birds and fresh herbs.

Recipe by: Janet

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