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    An autumn favourite, make your very own apple jam recipes for when local apples are at their best. Apple jam is heavenly and easy to make!

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    Apples are cooked down slowly with sugar and cinnamon until the mixture thickens and darkens down and starts to look like butter or peanut butter; hence the name! You can spread it on toast, use it in apple cakes or glaze a ham with it. A slow cooker is ideal for making apple butter. This is enough to make 4 jars of apple butter.

    Recipe by: Terri

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    This is a simple and easy to follow recipe for preserving apples. Autumn is a great time to gather apples and store them for winter enjoyment. These preserved apples are great for digging in to when you need a nice filling for an apple tart, apple pie or soft apples for apple cake. You will need seven 1L jam jars for this recipe, great for food gifts.

    Recipe by: rhonda

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    This is an apple spread recipe that was passed down to me. It's actually more of a jam but it is always delicious spread on toast, muffins or crumpets.

    Recipe by: Suzanne

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    Autumn apples shine in this simple jam flavoured with cinnamon. Use your favourite variety of local apples, or those from your own tree if you're lucky!

    Recipe by: Aeroz

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    Use windfall or any type of crab apple for this apple jelly. Spread on bread or toast and use in baking.

    Recipe by: ronandrusty

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    This is an old family recipe for apple and apricot jam, tried and tested over and over again with children, and grand-children. We like to gather our apricots at the end of the apricot season so that apple season is already underway meaning that we get the freshest ingredients possible to make this wonderful jam. Look for apricots from May through September and apples throughout the autumn.

    Recipe by: GailC

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    Apples and mint are a lovely combination. We serve this with roast lamb most of the time but it's delicious with cold roast pork or beef, too.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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    Try this recipe when you have so many apples on your tree that you don't know what to do with them all. This way, you can store them and also give as food gifts. The list of possibilities is endless - use on top of pancakes, muesli, yoghurt, or in pies, turnovers, strudels, etc.

    Recipe by: vegmonster

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    This delicious recipe is made with South African Granny Smith apples available in UK supermarkets from May through to October.

    Recipe by: Ashredcomm

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    A deliciously fruity spread, made by simmering together apple sauce, apple juice, pumpkin puree, brown sugar and spices. It's perfect spread on toast, bagels or muffins.

    Recipe by: SHERIKAY

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