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    There's nothing quite like homemade plum jam and we have plenty of easy and delicious plum jam recipes to preserve the flavour of summer. Find recipes for spiced plum jam, cheat's plum jam and more.

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    An easy jam for first-timers. Once you taste home-made you'll never buy store-bought again! The colour depends on the variety of the plums you use - the above picture used English Victoria plums, yellow/light skins. Red plums produce red jam, dark plums produce a darker jam. The taste is the same.

    Recipe by: proofofthepudding

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    Grated ginger adds a nice texture, as well as a gentle spicy flavour to tasty plum jam. I was amazed how easy and quick this jam is. Not much steam in the kitchen or washing up either.

    Recipe by: saraj

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    I love plum jam, and also use damsons for this plum jam recipe.

    Recipe by: cookingismylife

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    A favourite plum jam of the family which we make to preserve the flavour of in season plums year round.

    Recipe by: mrsnorris

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    This recipe will give you a wonderful tart, yet flavoursome preserve-like jam. It's rich in fruit and lightly fragranced with the flowery aroma of cardamom. You can use this jam on biscuits, waffles, pancakes, bread or straight out of the jar with a spoon.

    Recipe by: Jamie Northern

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    A fantastic spiced plum jam, great on toast, or for winter mornings add a few dollops in your porridge! The original recipe, which was my Nan's and originally in imperial measurements, was for as much sugar as fruit, but I converted it to metric, lowered the sugar and added vanilla essence instead, and use 1/2 sugar, 1/2 Splenda® and it works just as well. You just get more like a very thick chutney consistency, rather than a set jam.

    Recipe by: TheCatsMother

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    This is a warming winter jam based on chai tea. With all those lovely spices in it you can feel it doing you good! I make it with Victoria plums.

    Recipe by: Tiggerly

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    Damsons are in season during the months of August and September and can be eaten off the tree when they are fully ripe and a sweet variety. Damsons are usually found growing wild throughout the countryside in places like hedgerows, country lanes, woodland and riverbanks. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a tree in your own garden or orchard, if so, lucky you! Damsons are fantastic in jams and preserves, as well as in sauces to accompany sweet and savoury dishes like game. In addition to damson jam, you can also make damson syrups and cordials.

    Recipe by: GailC

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    With damsons and marrows both in season during the months of August and September this is a match made in heaven. The sweet and tart flavours from the damsons are calmed by the smooth and relaxed marrow giving a great jam combination. Damsons are usually found growing wild throughout the countryside in places like hedgerows, country lanes, woodland and riverbanks. Enjoy on some Scottish oatcakes or with some herb-infused bread.

    Recipe by: GailC

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    This jam is a little different than the average plum jam. It's made in the oven! Make sure you use super-ripe plums for the best flavour. It's perfect on any breakfast table.

    Recipe by: sophia

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