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    Wondering what to do with all those redcurrants? We have loads of redcurrant recipes to tempt you - from redcurrant jelly to gorgeous redcurrant tarts.

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    Redcurrants are fabulous for jam making and when fully ripe have the highest pectin content. We have several redcurrant bushes in our garden and every year we look forward to the bounty. This is a great jam for using as a base for numerous sauces and also wonderful over vanilla ice cream!

    Recipe by: GailC

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    A very easy redcurrant jelly recipe that is nothing but luscious red currants and sugar. Enjoy this classic with roast lamb!

    Recipe by: mrsnorris

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    This redcurrant cheesecake is really easy to make and has a great balance between sweet and tart. A great way to use up the redcurrants in a way that is sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Allow plenty of time for the cheesecake to set if you are making the day of your occasion and have a nice chilled Muscat on hand to pair with it.

    Recipe by: MaryDavies

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    A perfect combination of redcurrants and gooseberries results in this delicious jam that's perfect on croissants, scones or even with roast lamb.

    Recipe by: yummers

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    A litre of milk that needed to be used up, and several bags of redcurrants in the freezer inspired me to make this lemon trifle. My husband, who is not a big trifle fan, loved it, saying it was lighter than the usual trifle with sherry and vanilla custard.

    Recipe by: nadia

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    These Austrian cookies are perfect with a cup of tea. Sweet and buttery hazelnut biscuits are filled with a tart redcurrant jelly. You can use any flavour jam you prefer.

    Recipe by: Nora

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    A lighter cheesecake made with goat's cheese and goat or sheep yoghurt - perfect for those of us who cannot have cow dairy. If you don't have a problem with cow dairy, feel free to use regular Greek yoghurt and regular cream cheese.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    A rich and flavourful beef casserole with the lovely addition of redcurrants for a slightly tart sensation. Great dish for leftover redcurrant summer bounty.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

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    A wonderful combination of fresh berries and pastry with a creamy filling that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat!

    Recipe by: Deborah Lo Scalzo

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    A lovely semolina cake recipe that you can make anytime of year. I have plenty berries in the garden and before the new harvest, I try to use up all of my stocks from the previous year. This recipe comes from my most recent exploits and my husband was very pleased. I hope others find it delicious too!

    Recipe by: sophia

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