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    Make your own gooseberry jam with these easy peasy recipes. Gooseberries see a short season in the midst of summer - between June and July. Savour their flavour year round with these lovely jam recipes.

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    Gooseberries are naturally high in pectin, so you don't need pectin for this easy jam recipe! Simply use an equal quantity of gooseberries and granulated sugar. Green gooseberries work just as well as ripe ones, though you may want to add 200-300g more sugar and 100ml more water if they are very under-ripe. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: yummers

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    Easiest jam recipe ever. Try it with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries or blackberries and see for yourself.

    Recipe by: suziefish

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    A perfect combination of redcurrants and gooseberries results in this delicious jam that's perfect on croissants, scones or even with roast lamb.

    Recipe by: yummers

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    This recipe was given to me by my mother-in-law. She made it every year.

    Recipe by: SWIZZLESTICKS

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    This stunning gooseberry and elderflower jam is heavenly dolloped on rice pudding, as the filling for a sponge cake or even swirled into a fool.

    Recipe by: RobCan

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    An easy and tasty jam recipe. To make different quantities, use approximately 25% gooseberries to the strawberries and just under the entire fruit weight in sugar.

    Recipe by: Kesira

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    This is my extra special recipe for gooseberry compote. Fresh gooseberries are cooked in a spiced sugar syrup with crystallised ginger, cinnamon, cloves and allspice. It's best not to use over ripe gooseberries. They need to be firm to prevent them falling apart in the hot syrup. Serve over ice cream or use as a filling for cakes or pavlova.

    Recipe by: wiebke

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    My favourite gooseberry jam recipe. A wonderful recipe for when the gooseberries are in season from June through August.

    Recipe by: Maslinka

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    Gooseberries have a high pectin content, so they are just perfect for turning into jam. The gooseberry is a vibrant summer fruit commanding its place in jams, pork dishes and desserts such as gooseberry fool. We first made this jam in 1973 when we lived in rural Cambridgeshire and used gooseberries from our cottage garden. We have continued to make this jam whenever we have had a good crop and it is always fabulous and full of flavour. Look for gooseberries that are slightly under-ripe for this jam as this will result in the best set and flavour.

    Recipe by: GailC

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    This is a recipe that was acquired from a friend with a May Duke cherry tree in Dorset. Her cherries were perfectly in sync with the ripening of the gooseberries in her garden and one year she decided to create a recipe for enjoying them both. Look for May Duke cherries and gooseberries in July and select berries that are not overly ripe.

    Recipe by: GailC

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