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    Find easy rhubarb jam recipes to preserve the fresh flavour of rhubarb all year round. We have recipes for rhubarb freezer jam, strawberry rhubarb jam and more.

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    I wanted to try this out as a way to jazz up ordinary orange marmalade. It's easy to make as you basically chop everything up in the food processor. It turned out well and is an easy jam to make for Christmas food gifts. One of my friends wants to try adding some freshly grated ginger - might be worth a try.

    Recipe by: Leo

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    Although apple rhubarb jam may sound strange, it is amazingly delicious! You can substitute strawberries for the apples to make strawberry rhubarb jam.

    Recipe by: Amanda

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    This rhubarb and raspberry jam is great on toast or scones. The raspberries can be swapped for any other berry.

    Recipe by: jjojo27

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    This is a fantastic jam, which is not only delicious, but it's also easy to make. Rhubarb is boiled with strawberries, lemon juice, pectin, butter and sugar.

    Recipe by: photobaby

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    A Rhubarb lover's delight! Rhubarb jam, pure and simple. This jam also freezes well, but it will probably get eaten up before making it to the freezer! Fabulous!

    Recipe by: CHOLLOW

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    OK so I've been looking for a recipe for a simple jam, blackberry glut going on here, well, popped out Sunday afternoon for 2 hours came back with 4kg of juicy ripe loveliness! To say I've researched would be an understatement (trawled all the foodie sites including here and all my recipe books, to little avail). Found many lovely sounding recipes so decided to take the plunge, picked up pears on sale and rhubarb so forgot the cooking apples, but hey ho. Necessity is the father of invention or something along those lines!

    Recipe by: LynneCavillHam

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    Three ingredients results in a heavenly rhubarb compote that is unbeatably delicious! You can enjoy this compote on its own, with custard, with creme fraiche or in trifles. This recipe uses very little sugar... Do not hesitate to add some more if you like it sweeter!

    Recipe by: kikine2008

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    This is a simple jam combining rhubarb with berries. Use another type of berry rather than blueberries if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    This is a very simple and delicious recipe for rhubarb compote. Sliced rhubarb, crystallised ginger, orange juice and sugar are left to marinate overnight. Use on ice cream, sponge cakes or as a runny jam!

    Recipe by: gartenfee

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    Absolutely a dessert you must make! I grow rhubarb in my garden, and it is ready to eat just as strawberries come into season. I sometimes use this to make crumbles or tarts. It's delicious warm or cold.

    Recipe by: Yann44

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