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    The classic combination of a rich, meaty sauce topped with a tender herb scone mixture is hard to resist! We have comforting chicken cobblers, plus beef, lamb and vegetarian savoury cobblers in this collection. Don't forget to check out our fruit cobbler recipe collection for cosy dessert ideas to warm up your winter.

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    A creamy mixture of chicken and veg is topped with a savoury scone-like topping. This is a favourite of my family. I double it because I have hungry teenagers!

    Recipe by: CSTONEHS

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    Student days.....not many recipes survived these but this one is still a favourite. So easy, cheap and speedy.Thanks to Heinz Oxtail soup, there is no need to chop onions or cook for hours, it's a 20 minute meal that will impress.

    Recipe by: FiSummer

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    A slow-cooker recipe for a hearty pumpkin (or butternut squash) and carrot stew with a cheesy cobbler on top. Delicious enough to tempt vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This is one of my favourite recipes and so simple - perfect comfort food :o)

    Recipe by: Hobbit

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    A delicious, filling winter warming food full of great fresh veg and a tasty crunchy cheese scone topping!

    Recipe by: FOXFAERIE

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    In Lancashire, when I was a lad, we had this at school. English cookery may be laughed at throughout the world, but this ranks alongside egg and bacon buttys on fried bread as one of the world's culinary masterpieces. Pupils would queue all lunchtime to have this, even though we knew that Nora, the chief 'cook' used to put her false teeth into anything she cooked for good luck.

    Recipe by: John Cullen

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    A hearty hotpot of lean lamb chunks, leeks, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli with a herbed scone topping is sure to satisfy a hungry family. To complete the meal, serve with lightly steamed green beans or another seasonal green vegetable, to boost the vitamin content of the meal.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This deep-dish pie has an Italian-style filling of succulent chunks of chicken, sliced peppers, mushrooms and black olives in a tomato sauce, and is topped with fresh rosemary scone wedges. A crunchy raw vegetable salad would be a good accompaniment to complete the meal.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    If you love dumplings, and beef stew, you'll love this recipe! Serve alongside seasonal vegetables for a complete meal.

    Recipe by: MarshaLouise91

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    A richly flavoured combination of lean turkey and vegetables, cooked in cider, with a topping of light, herby scones, makes a great winter supper.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Chock-full of lovely veg, this recipe is really good for cold winter days as it warms you right up. It's a great combination of garlic, onion, swede, carrot, mushrooms and lentils with a lovely cheesy topping.

    Recipe by: meglovestocook

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