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Vegetarian chllli is tasty and hearty with the addition of Quorn mince. Find loads of easy to make Quorn chilli recipes, perfect for a vegetarian meal that even the staunchest of meat-eaters will enjoy!

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This is a great base recipe, and meat eaters will never guess it's vegetarian!

Recipe by: julieliz

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A rich and delicious vegetarian curry made with chickpeas and Quorn. Serve over basmati rice.

Recipe by: Julie MacMillan

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This quick and easy chilli recipe is a great midweek solution for supper! You can even use it to top jacket potatoes.

Recipe by: Granny

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The slow cooker does the work for you! Packed with beans and Quorn mince, this chilli is satisfying and delicious. And with a chilli this easy, there's no excuse not to have a hearty home-cooked meal at the end of the day.

Recipe by: AprilDay

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A rich spicy chilli utilising Quorn mince instead of beef!

Recipe by: snewby

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A chilli recipe using Quorn® mince, very tasty! Serves 2 or 3 depending on how hungry you are, you can double up on ingredients to make more.

Recipe by: Bombleswizzum

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A vegetarian chilli made with Quorn® mince and a few other storecupboard essentials. Simple, easy and quick to make.

Recipe by: GeeRawks

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Many chillis are made with kidney or red beans. This vegetarian version features Quorn mince and baked beans, adding a bit of a sweet flavour.

Recipe by: HenryLovesFood

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A hearty vegetarian chilli made with Quorn and cannellini beans. Serve on its own with crusty garlic bread, or on top of rice or jacket potatoes. Use more or fewer chillies according to how spicy you like it.

Recipe by: vegancheftoyou

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If you love extra spicy food, then this Quorn® chilli is for you! Scotch bonnet chillies and cayenne pepper make it extra hot!


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