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Baguette recipes

Make your own French stick with our foolproof baguette recipes for a crusty, irresistible bread. Also be sure to check out our recipes for other French breads, ciabatta, Italian breads, focaccia and more.

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This is a heavenly alternative to any shop-bought French stick. Perfect eaten fresh from oven or used to make sandwiches or garlic bread.

Recipe by: Judy Taubert

7 reviews

A homemade French bread that will make 2 loaves. Any leftovers make great garlic bread. Mixing it will give your arm a workout, so use a sturdy spoon!

Recipe by: Liz Langston

7 reviews

This bread has a crisp, crunchy crust and slightly chewy centre.

Recipe by: Jenn Hall

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I'm going to show you how to make delicious baguettes - the world's most beloved and well-known bread. This recipe makes 4 baguettes which have a perfect, mild oniony taste. They are great for picnics, sandwiches or for serving with soup. If you like this recipe - you can find more just like it in my new book 'One More Slice'. See footnote for more details.

Recipe by: Leila Lindholm

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If you're looking for deliciously crusty baguettes that have a lovely inner chewy texture with lots of holes, this is your go-to recipe. Be sure to use strong bread flour, not plain flour.

Recipe by: bakingmaster

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