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    So simple, yet so delicious - nothing quite beats a classic custard tart. We have traditional custard tarts as well as other recipes, like Portuguese egg tarts and more. With shop-bought pastry, it'll be ready in a flash.

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    39 reviews

    The best egg custard tart I have ever made and tasted. You should check this out. Cheap and easy to make, too.

    Recipe by: AMThornton

    5 reviews

    This custard tart is a hit as a perfect dessert every time, as my pop got me to take one every time we had a family gathering.

    Recipe by: abbze4

    27 reviews

    Yummy Chinese egg tarts! This recipe makes 22 (7cm) tarts. First, mix up a batch of shortcrust pastry, then fill them with egg custard and bake.

    Recipe by: Goh Mei Lee

    63 reviews

    A delicious way to enjoy rhubarb that couldn't be easier. Fresh rhubarb is cut into small pieces and placed into a prepared pastry case. A creamy custard filling is poured over the rhubarb. The tart is slipped into the oven for an hour until the custard is set.

    Recipe by: Carolyn

    143 reviews

    These are delicious, authentic Portuguese custard tarts made easy with puff pastry. A great way for using egg yolks!

    Recipe by: John J. Pacheco

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