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Looking for lamb chop recipes? A flash in the pan is all it takes for deliciously juicy lamb chops. Find loads of recipes here.

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This recipe for lamb chops is a favourite in my house. Rosemary and thyme give it great flavour. If you double the recipe, remember that the sauce will take longer to reduce.


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Like Irish stew and Lancashire hotpot, this hearty dish is made with good-quality lamb, plus lots of vegetables, pearl barley, and bay leaves and thyme for flavouring. It is simple to make, and comes out of the oven smelling and tasting absolutely wonderful. Serve with purple sprouting broccoli or curly kale and baked potatoes.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This very tasty and easy marinade for lamb chops is best for barbecuing or grilling.

Recipe by: Noor

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These are simple but very tasty, and make for an easy weeknight meal.

Recipe by: Leslie W Dobson

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Marinated lamb chops with fresh summery flavours from the Mediterranean. Make extra marinade to use on roasted veggies.

Recipe by: Diane

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