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    Everyone loves a bakewell tart. Find foolproof and classic bakewell tart recipes here, all from home cooks like you!

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    If you like flapjack, and you like almonds/bakewell, then you'll love this! Especially with your favourite jam. Eat as a snack or try it with custard. I used to have this type of thing at school served with custard. Couldn't find a recipe, so made up one. Yum! you'll be surprised. Please leave a comment or rate if you can. Thanks! Happy baking.

    Recipe by: LaurenJC

    28 reviews

    This is the classic tart. Use shop-bought pastry - it's so much easier! Treat yourself!

    Recipe by: TRISH1IE

    11 reviews

    A delectable tray bake version of the Bakewell tart that is a favourite with everyone I know.

    Recipe by: cookingismylife

    12 reviews

    My version of the old-fashioned afternoon tea treat, but still delicious!

    Recipe by: P. Barton

    9 reviews

    I recently came across my maternal Grandma's recipe book, printed in 1933, coming across a piece of paper, placed between two pages, containing her version of Bakewell tart. I have not changed the recipe only converted the quantities for the ingredients from imperial to metric. The recipe makes a delicious tart and I remember her making this for Sunday afternoon tea. The tart does not have to be blind baked first before adding the filler. I apologise for the poor photo but the family started tucking into the tart before I could photograph it. I will replace the pic next time I make the tart.

    Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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    Yummy, easy to make cherry bakewell tart that my husband and kids love. The filling contains ground almonds and is very moist.

    Recipe by: emma26

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    Bakewell tarts are always warmly received in our household and are delicious to have on hand in the 'treat tin' for afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: jazzyemery

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    an amazing desert that is really easy and something that I have NEVER gotten wrong!

    Recipe by: gammagirl

    2 reviews

    My recipe for the classic bakewell tart with apricot jam and a delicious and buttery almond-egg filling.

    Recipe by: Mrs. Mary Hunt

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    Cute, bite-sized desserts that are not only delicious but are also gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and made using unrefined sugars.

    Recipe by: nakd

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