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    Find easy Christmas chocolate yule log recipes, as well as new ways to decorate them, and start a fun Christmas tradition that also makes a delicious ending to Christmas dinner.

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    A Christmas yule log made by filling a chocolate swiss roll with white chocolate buttercream icing. Heaven!

    Recipe by: sheryneshayma

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    These mini chocolate logs are just great to make with the children, and us adults, too! They are not too big and you can decorate them however you like!

    Recipe by: Anonymous

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    A rich and decadent chocolate yule log. The chocolate sponge is filled and iced with a chocolate cream cheese icing. The coffee liqueur adds additional flavour. A Christmas tradition waiting to happen!

    Recipe by: BOOK_WORM

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    This Christmas cake brings together the classic combination of chocolate and raspberries. A chocolate swiss roll is filled with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache, before being smothered in more chocolate ganache and decorated with raspberries.

    Recipe by: say01

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    A deliciously classic Yule log with a slight twist. In addition to the chocolate icing, the sponge is spread with your favourite orange marmalade for a delicious chocolate-orange combination.

    Recipe by: stella

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    This delicious Christmas cake is easy to make. A swiss roll is filled with Nutella and covered in melted chocolate. Dust with icing sugar to imitate snow, if desired.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    Need a quick and easy solution to end your Christmas dinner? This delicious Yule log requires just a handful of ingredients and is simple to make. It also happens to be gluten free!

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    A classic Yule log that's a simple but gorgeous combination of light sponge and chocolate mousse. Have fun decorating with meringue mushrooms, grated chocolate, holly leaves and more, or simply leave plain and tuck in!

    Recipe by: Nataliya

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    This chocolate mousse Yule log is light, creamy and smooth. An irresistible treat that represents an essential part of the Christmas meal in every French household. Some serve the Christmas log at the end of Christmas Eve dinner, others at the end of the Christmas Day lunch. Some families buy the log at the bakery or in a supermarket, others make it themselves (usually the day before), but only a few French households will celebrate Christmas without a chocolate Yule log!

    Recipe by: Aeroz

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    A deliciously different Yule log to be enjoyed at Christmastime. Passion fruit and blackcurrant sorbet are frozen together with a layer of chocolate, then glazed with apple jam. Decorate however you please.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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