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    Whether you'd like you make your own homemade ravioli from scratch, or you have a pack of fresh ravioli from the supermarket, we have loads of delicious ravioli recipes to try. Ravioli starters, pasta bakes and lots more.

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    Mashed potato enriched with cottage cheese and Parmesan and enlivened with garlic and herbs makes a marvellous filling for the pasta parcels called ravioli. A small amount of extra virgin olive oil is added at the end, so none of its flavour is lost and the dish tastes richer than it really is.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    There's nothing quite like homemade pasta. Pasta sheets are filled with a delicious blend of ricotta cheese and pumpkin. Enjoy for a starter or main course.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    Cheese ravioli topped with green, red and yellow peppers. A nice change from the usual tomato pasta sauces. I cooked this one day for myself, and my family ate all of it before I had a chance. It's that good.

    Recipe by: LOSTTHYME

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    Now there is a little effort involved in making fresh pasta. But if we want to keep food costs down we need to make more meals from scratch. Not only is it cheap to make your own pasta, it’s also a great deal better tasting than any dried pasta or shop bought fresh pasta. The pork filling is surprisingly rich and the chillies in the tomato sauce really work well with the simple and clean flavour of the pasta. For me this dish is a marriage made in heaven.

    Recipe by: paulwarburs

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    Homemade pasta is filled with a mixture of mushrooms, spinach, cream cheese, Parmesan and mozzarella, then served with a chive butter sauce. It's the perfect Italian starter or main course.

    Recipe by: larkspur

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    A fabulously delicious recipe for homemade ravioli that rivals those at the best restaurants. The sauce uses a few shop-bought ingredients for ease, but you'd never know it when you taste this! Serve for 4 as a main, or serve smaller portions as a starter.

    Recipe by: Callie1025

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    This dinner is quick and easy but tastes gourmet!

    Recipe by: Amber

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    This wonderful soup has become the newest addition to my dinner table. It is hearty and delicious and perfect for banishing winter chill.

    Recipe by: Catherine

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    The classic combination of feta cheese, spinach and pine nuts is used in this recipe. The filling is used in fresh pasta to make ravioli. Serve with an olive oil, fresh parsley and garlic dressing.

    Recipe by: Matthew Valleau

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    A heavenly, creamy vegetarian dish. To make ravioli itself is not difficult, only somewhat time-consuming, but it's definitely worth the effort. The ravioli dough must stand for an hour before making, so give yourself a little time for best results.

    Recipe by: Lisa

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