White chocolate cheesecake

    Find loads of light and luscious white chocolate cheesecake recipes here, perfect to top with chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, lemon curd or almost any fresh fruit.

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    This no bake cheesecake has an Oreo® biscuit base with a creamy white chocolate filling. Perfect for any cheesecake lover.

    Recipe by: Antares

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    This is a very rich cheesecake recipe, not for the faint hearted or weight conscious! It is a chocolate lovers cake but the raspberries give it just enough sour to make it a very tasty treat!

    Recipe by: mim3

    10 reviews

    Creamy and tangy all at the same time - a lush cheesecake that cleanses the palate whilst fulfilling that sweet tooth! It's gelatin-free, which means it's suitable for vegetarians. I warn you now - this recipe has no exact measurements, it's purely a guideline, the rest is done to taste.

    Recipe by: illustrated-girl

    10 reviews

    An easy to make white chocolate cheesecake that won't last long! It's rich, creamy and requires no baking.

    Recipe by: MBailey32

    5 reviews

    Foolproof and quick white chocolate cheesecake, that is gooey and delicious, and no baking required! The picture shows the cheesecake, covered with a simple strawberry coulis, but any topping works.

    Recipe by: Jenowuk

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    A no-bake strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake like no other! Chock-a-block with strawberries throughout the cheesecake, not just on top!

    Recipe by: yummers

    82 reviews

    The base of this cheesecake is made with digestive biscuits and almonds. It has a rich, white chocolate cheescake layer which tastes devine with this gorgeous blueberry and lemon sauce. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Scott M.

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    This is a dense white chocolate cheesecake that is very smooth and melts in the mouth. There's white chocolate brandy sauce to top it off. I garnish the cheesecake with mint leaves and either raspberries or strawberries.

    Recipe by: Judy Wilson

    3 reviews

    This yummy no-bake cheesecake only needs four ingredients but is sure to please your family and friends. Make six individual mini cheesecakes, or make one larger one.

    Recipe by: Heather202

    4 reviews

    A delcicous white chocolate cheesecake I have made loads of times and it's always a hit. The chocolate biscuit base is a nice change from the usual digestive.

    Recipe by: godzilla

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