Pot roast recipes (30)

    A delicious alternative to a regular roast, pot roasts result in tender, succulent meat. Pot roasting also means you can use a cheaper cut of meat, saving you money as compared to a prime roasting cut.

    Top pot roast recipes

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    A slow cooked silverside joint of beef that's delicious served with roasted vegetables and lots of mash and gravy.

    Recipe by: Teresa

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    A tender, juicy pot-roast makes a luxurious meal at a fraction of the price of a prime roasting cut.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Naturally lean and low in calories, partridge is perfect for pot-roasting. The gentle cooking in cider and stock keeps this game bird moist, and fresh sage, pickled walnuts and apple add wonderful flavours. A carrot and celeriac pure is an ideal accompaniment, or try a potato mash with chopped spring onions.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    I call this my 'famous Seamus' pot roast because my tiny Siamese cat, Seamus, sat in the kitchen the entire time this pot roast was cooking. I've been making this recipe for 40+ years and I just throw the ingredients together; it's very forgiving. My son-in-law also says it's the best thing he ever ate. When boys hang around the oven, it can't be bad.

    Recipe by: KarenCooks

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    Tender brisket in the slow cooker with a red wine gravy. Serve with cauliflower, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pud.

    Recipe by: Riko

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