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Parsnips are of the tastiest root vegetables, with a delicious sweetness that is especially enhanced with roasting. Find loads of recipes to use while parsnips are in season from autumn through February.

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Parsnips are tossed with olive oil, garlic and honey, then roasted until crispy on the outside, but sweet and mellow on the inside. They are then tossed with fresh mint and sage. Serve as a side dish.

Recipe by: M.Fede

7 reviews

This carrot and parsnip mash makes a fantastically delicious side to a Sunday roast or Christmas dinner.

Recipe by: Linda

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Parsnips aren't traditional and are optional in this recipe, but I like the flavour they add. If you use a tougher cut of meat, you can leave it to simmer longer before adding the potatoes. This is fantastic on a cold, blustery day or served with a pint or two of the black stuff on St Patrick's Day.

Recipe by: Ita

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This curried parsnip soup is the perfect form of resistance against bitterly cold winter days; it will warm your aching bones and put a smile on your face, I guarantee it. The original recipe called for chopped red peppers as a garnish, but I thought that smoked paprika would be a nice alternative, and it's definitely a winner!

Recipe by: grubdaily

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Use this recipe as a basic guide for roasting single vegetables, such as potatoes or parsnips, as well as for a superb dish of mixed roots. Serve them in generous quantities with roast poultry or meat, but also remember that they are delicious with vegetarian main dishes and with lightly baked fish.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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Roast parsnips
Roast parsnips

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