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    This mousse cake is exceedingly rich and very chocolatey. It involves making a rich chocolate mousse - two-thirds is baked and the remaining mousse is spread on top of the cake once cooled.

    Recipe by: LJ8677

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    This recipe was given to me by a friend who owned a cafe. I have made it many times and it never seems to fail. I often put 2 tablespoons of liqueur or brandy into the mousse mixture after it has been melted together.

    Recipe by: tuppyfish

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    A luscious chocolate mousse cake that required little cooking time. Surprisingly easy despite the oohs and ahhs you'll receive!!!

    Recipe by: Kikine2008

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    An irresistible combination of chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries, This makes a delicious summer dessert for a dinner party. Use any kind of crushed biscuits as your base...shortbread, hobnobs, digestives, etc.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

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    Dark chocolate and whipped egg whites make this gluten free dessert more like a souffle than a cake.

    Recipe by: ZIP1992

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    Very rich chocolate mousse over a rich chocolate cake layer and topped with chocolate ganache and chopped nuts. Great for special occasions. This cake takes TIME to make, and TIME to set. It's worth every second of preparation, and is a hit every time!

    Recipe by: KrissyP

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    This is a recipe for a rich, delicious and easy chocolate mousse cake that requires no baking whatsoever. A rich chocolate mousse is poured into a tin lined with sponge fingers. If you don't have sponge fingers, use slices of sponge cake.

    Recipe by: Sherry

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    Oooooooh! Chocolate cake...what more do I need to say? It's not low in calories but it is gluten free and perfect if you are baking a birthday cake for someone who needs to avoid flour or wheat.

    Recipe by: shirleyo

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    A rich chocolate mousse is prepared with high quality chocolate and fresh eggs. Two thirds of the mousse is baked, and the rest is used as topping. Important: be sure to use only fresh eggs for this recipe.

    Recipe by: Anne

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    This is a rich, dense, chocolate mousse cake which is meant to be served chilled. A thin slice of this is all one needs, and is pure heaven. You can serve alongside some fresh berries with a bit of whipped cream. Since it is chilled and made ahead of time, it is perfect for dinner parties.

    Recipe by: Maybe

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