Lavender recipes (38)

    Find recipes for lavender cakes, biscuits and more, and get creative in the kitchen with this fragrant ingredient! Now easy to find in larger supermarkets, experimenting with lavender is loads of fun.

    Top lavender recipes

    81 reviews

    A buttery lavender-flavoured biscuit that can be made into round shapes using a scone cutter.

    Recipe by: Maryeileen

    66 reviews

    I make this tea cake when the lavender is in bloom. Try it with fresh strawberry slices on top.

    Recipe by: SHIKAIRI

    3 reviews

    Lemonade with a lavender twist. A gift for the senses!

    Recipe by: kcm

    4 reviews

    The aromatic lavender combined with soft honey flavours and toasted almonds give these cupcakes an intensity of flavour that is luxuriously decadent and festive.

    Recipe by: moyleb

    2 reviews

    Perfect for Mother's Day or a special afternoon tea, these scones are scented with just a hint of lavender. Lavender buds can be found in larger supermarkets or online. Barts is a popular brand.

    Recipe by: cookingismylife

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