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    Find recipes for lavender cakes, biscuits and more, and get creative in the kitchen with this fragrant ingredient! Now easy to find in larger supermarkets, experimenting with lavender is loads of fun.

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    This is one of my favourite cupcakes to bake and my absolute favourite to eat! It’s the perfect cupcake and they are lovely to enjoy in the springtime sunshine. They are a fresh light cupcake, great for garden parties or summer time birthdays. They are perfect beside a cup of earl grey tea.

    Recipe by: HeatherChall

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    Lavender is a fragrant herb that pairs really nicely with chicken. Serve with baby new potatoes and green beans.

    Recipe by: Silverleaf

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    Our sweet scone canapés have always been popular at our English Tea party weddings. Although we offer a variety of sweet scone canapés, I'm going to show off one of my favourites - our home made lemon curd with lavender scones with edible viola garnish. The fresh mint and pretty violas add the illusion of English grandeur. A great way to start an English tea party event or maybe a country wedding.

    Recipe by: Home-Gurrown

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    These lavender biscuits are elegant, dainty and sophisticated, just perfect for Mother's Day or other special occasion.

    Recipe by: ntbella

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    This paleo friendly blueberry and lavender ice cream is incredibly vibrant and tastes delicious. A wonderful healthy alternative to regular ice cream, especially during the summer months when you can gather your own lavender and blueberries.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    This is a fabulous summer drink! Lavender soothes and refreshes on a hot day, and the scent brings back fond summer memories. I can't seem to make enough of it for my family.

    Recipe by: MORDANA

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    This wonderful tea bread is created from the flavour combination of lemon and lavender. The secret ingredient is avocado. You won't be able to taste the avocado, but it adds a moistness to the loaf, as well as increasing your monosaturated fat intake.

    Recipe by: Sheena

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    At first, lavender may sound like a weird ingredient to use in baking. But, I beg to differ. Try it, you might like it. The combination of lavender and lemon, goes extremely well in these bars. Serve as a dessert, snack or with a cup of tea.

    Recipe by: AngelaD74

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    This is a celebration cake for my cousin Enrica’s birthday today. Trained as a lawyer, Enrica is a fine patissière at heart and the best cake-maker in the family (sorry other family members, you know it’s true). This recipe is based on her signature breakfast yoghurt cake (having cake for breakfast is one of the best things about Italy), which I made berry-loaded and dairy-free. The lavender-infused sugar and the grated lemon zest give it a fragrant, lovely scent. Happy birthday Enrica!

    Recipe by: WatkinsandGeorge

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    This peach and lavender sorbet is delightfully refreshing alternative to ice cream. Using the gentle flavours of the lavender and combining with the full bodied flavour of the peach, this is a sorbet to love.

    Recipe by: Julia

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