Stuffed mushrooms

    Moreish stuffed mushrooms make an easy and elegant party nibble or canape. We have loads of stuffed mushroom recipes, including bacon and cheese stuffed mushrooms, blue cheese stuffed mushrooms and more.

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    Large mushrooms are stuffed with a spinach, bacon and Parmesan. These are perfect as a dinner party starter or canapes.

    Recipe by: MOLSON7

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    Snails are sautéed in garlic butter and stuffed in mushroom caps. When grilling the mushroom caps, be careful they don't shrivel or burn.

    Recipe by: MADCOW_COOK

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    This stuffed mushroom recipe goes really well with avocado and Ainsley Harriet's Spice Sensation couscous, the flavours are delicious.

    Recipe by: sdraper2007

    136 reviews

    These disappear the minute they get set down on the table! These make great party nibbles - just double or triple the quantity depending on how many guests you have.

    Recipe by: MINNESOTAMOM

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    Easy, quick and simple, although a little fiddly, but delicious! Flat mushrooms are stuffed with pancetta and mozzarella cheese.

    Recipe by: Dicko73

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    Delish and easy, this stuffed mushroom is an easy side dish. It could also work as a main or starter - what more could you want!

    Recipe by: dinkydino

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    It's amazing how a few ingredients can create such a wonderful appetiser. Mushrooms are stuffed with chorizo, garlic and shallots, then baked. Simple and delicious. They're the perfect finger food for any dinner party.

    Recipe by: MichaR

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    Sexy as a starter and brilliant as a healthy main course, with the high amounts of protein coming from the beans and the sweet salty taste from the halloumi, served with fresh rocket and some Parmesan cheese and pear slices.

    Recipe by: tyler5758

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    This is a simple, yet delicious appetiser that works well at dinner parties. Mushrooms are stuffed with a mixture of onion, garlic, pepperoni sausage, crushed crackers and Parmesan, then baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: KOALAGIRL

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    Beautiful as a starter or an extra to a main course, full of flavour and colour. Had this as a starter when I had friends round they loved it, quick and easy but pleasing on the eye, ingredients can be changed to suit taste, I kept my ingredients simple as to suit all tastes but for me I would replace the spring onion for fresh chillies to give it a kick. Homemade mustard dressing with a simple fresh rocket and watercress salad really sets the whole dish off and all compliments each other, by far the best and most simple starter I have made, extra tip fresh herbs are so much tastier then dried. Salad dressing can be made the day before to save on time if required.

    Recipe by: Kerryh33

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