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    We have dozens of delicious vegan soup recipes, using the best of local produce. Find lentil soups, bean soups, vegetable soups, tofu soups and lots more - all deliciously vegan, and sure to be loved by vegans and non-vegans alike.

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    This delightfully spicy, hearty soup is thick, delicious and nutritious, especially in winter! Makes a perfect vegan meal.

    Recipe by: Grace and Mae

    9 reviews

    This is a spicy roasted red pepper soup with carrots, garlic and chilli added for loads of flavour. It's super healthy and lovely for lunch with warm bread.

    Recipe by: karencupit

    85 reviews

    A spicy red lentil soup that is delicious, fast and easy. This hearty lentil soup is embellished with fresh spinach and spices.

    Recipe by: FISHFISHER2002

    44 reviews

    The full colour spectrum of peppers are roasted with garlic and puréed with fennel-infused vegetable stock to create this colourful low-fat soup. You can of course use 4 different colours of peppers if you have them, green, red, orange and yellow!

    Recipe by: Leslie

    6 reviews

    I will admit that I like thick soup. This recipe is based on one that I found in a lovely tapas book and tweaked a little. If you do not have sweet potatoes handy then just use ordinary potatoes. Also, you can add 2 cloves of garlic if you are so inclined and just use water rather than veg stock in the soup.

    Recipe by: Aislingfitzpatrick

    6 reviews

    A traditional soup made by my parents and grandparents and a traditional winter soup in Northern Ireland and especially popular served as a starter to Christmas dinner. Pure, simple, wholesome comforting and natural food. As with all one pot dishes, it always tastes better the following day when all the ingredients have had time to marinate and got to know each other so if you want to impress, make it the day before serving. Enjoy.

    Recipe by: lee.theman

    6 reviews

    Although this is a hearty soup, laden with vegetables, it has a delicate flavour. Home-made stock is best, but you can use a good-quality bought stock (chilled or from a cube or powder); if using a cube or powder, do not add additional salt at the beginning of cooking as you may find these products provide enough salty seasoning.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

    4 reviews

    This very easy and healthy soup packed full of flavour, makes an ideal starter or a perfect lunch. This soup is best served with warm fresh crusty bread and butter.

    Recipe by: afood3

    5 reviews

    A truly simple, easy and delicious spicy soup. All my friends that have tried it - love it. It's a great meal on it own or as a starter served in smaller portions. It also has the bonus of making me look like I know what I'm doing and sets the standard for a great evening. The recipe has been amended from the basic red lentil soup with bits added.

    Recipe by: Jdoran5244

    4 reviews

    What's better at lunch than a fresh soup? This vegetable soup takes little effort, cooks in around an hour and can be reheated. It's the perfect soup to take into work as it keeps in the fridge for 2 - 3 days.

    Recipe by: adamhoban

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