Stuffed chicken breasts (76)

    Find deliciously easy recipes for stuffing chicken breasts, including cheesy mozzarella stuffed chicken breasts, spinach stuffed chicken breasts, sausage stuffed chicken breasts and much more.

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    6 reviews

    Known in Italy as Saltimbocca alla Romana, these chicken breast roulades are very easy to make and you only need a few key ingredients!

    Recipe by: Aldo

    579 reviews

    This is a great dish for using up autumn apples. Bramley, Golden Delicious or Cox's Pippin apples work well.

    Recipe by: Behr

    15 reviews

    This is a lovely dish, very unusal and tasty. Also very impressive if having guests for dinner!

    Recipe by: Keri

    1302 reviews

    Chicken breasts are stuffed with a mixture of garlic, feta cheese and spinach, before being wrapped in streaky bacon and baked to perfection. Serve with salad, rice, pasta or potatoes.

    Recipe by: Laurie Wheeler

    7 reviews

    Renovate your chicken breast with this simple recipe. By stuffing it with cheese and garlic, then wrapping it in bacon, you get a lovely moist piece of chicken. You can easily double the ingredients if cooking for more people.

    Recipe by: Ayms123

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