Champagne cocktails (31)

    Ring in the New Year or celebrate any special occasion with an effervescent champagne cocktail - from the classic bellini to a buck's fizz. We have loads more fab cocktail ideas in our Cocktail collection.

    Top champagne cocktails recipes

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    Classic champagne cocktail with brandy kicker.

    Recipe by: Iain

    93 reviews

    The classic - perfect for Christmas morning.

    Recipe by: Jodi Hamrick

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    The 'Golden Bauble' cocktail is the absolute pinnacle of class and sophistication for your Christmas party. It's also the perfect candlelit bath accompaniment!! What makes this cocktail so special is the wide-rimmed circular glass. It spreads out the rich golden colour and gives a certain sparkling glow.

    Recipe by: citrusandcinnamon

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    Fiery ginger combines with icy vodka, and is then topped with champagne for good measure. Use good quality champagne for best results.

    Recipe by: Genevieve

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    This champagne cocktail recipe is perfect for Christmas or New Year's. Place in a punch bowl with pineapple pieces, and ladle into champagne flutes (with or without the pineapple, I prefer without).

    Recipe by: fabrice

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